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We spend the time and the effort to make sure the toys we make provide the best experience for everyone that interacts with our products!

Dinos, Drones and every other vehicle one can think of! Nothing is more thrilling for you or your child than zooming through the house (and yard) with remote control power. 

Busy hands make beautiful creations! Fun and easy crafts make for creative playtime and fun learning. 

Sun, Sand, Water and everything one needs to play in the summer time! We supply bubbles, pool floats, sand toys and yard toys to make the your summer days perfect.

Pull Back and ZOOM! These toys are the best for kids developing dexterity and they usually come in sets so is encourages kids to share and race the vehicles!

Bring imagination to life with realistic and creative figurines. Enhance story telling or even let your child make their own stories based on these items we provide!

A little niche for city slickers and future farmers alike. Our farm toys include figurines, friction, R/C and multipack sets. 

Tootsie Roll


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