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About Us

Playtek Toys is a business aimed at increasing profits for retailers by providing outstanding quality products at lower price points than our competition. Our staff is dedicated to servicing our customers with any requirements to ensure our clients success and satisfaction.


All of our products are created from the finest hand selected materials available on the market today. ​

Our shipping facility in Stanleytown, VA warehouses over a million square feet allowing us to stock a healthy inventory and provide extremely prompt shipping. We also have a DC in La Mirada, CA to cater to our

West Coast customers.

Our showroom is located at 148 Madison Ave in the heart of New York. Our full line of toys are available to see here, or call us and we will send a qualified sales rep to see you. Please call us at (212) 779-1140 or email us to set up an appointment, or with any questions or inquiries.


Where To Buy


Coming soon!

Where To Buy
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